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Lunar Blue


Lunar Blue

Expected to be released summer 2020. 

Elizabeth’s dreams are riddled with the torment of her past: running endlessly from a raging fire chasing behind her – the same forest fire that took her father’s life when she was sixteen. Ten years later, immersed in an exhausting nursing career, she convinces herself to face her pain by attempting a soul-searching trip of forgiveness through that same wilderness. With her pet rat on her shoulder, she embarks on a hunt for closure that challenges her physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Upon meeting a mysterious wounded man deep in the wilderness, Elizabeth struggles to save his life but quickly learns of threatening forces around them. As they journey together, she discovers that he is no ordinary man, but rather a beautiful being with an unusual secret.

The story is a grabbing adventure and fantasy-fiction with a romance at its core.

More about the book:

  • Genres: Romance*, Fantasy-Fiction, Adventure 
  • Sub-genres: Paranormal Romance
  • First person: Elizabeth's point of view in past tense
  • Multiple antagonists  
  • Thrilling chapters 
  • Target audience: Adult & YA
  • Length: 94,000 words, 34 chapters
  • Professionally edited
  • Professionally designed cover (design release coming soon)
  • Content appropriate for readers ages 13+ 
  • Book one of the Lunar Blue Saga

Who is this book suitable for?

Lunar Blue has a storyline with something for everyone, but there is content not suitable for some audiences. Some sexual talk/behavior, mild sexual assault, and a higher reading level are found in this book and may not be appropriate for readers under 13 years of age. The intended audience is adult, but it can be read by YA. 

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